Prepare for Your Move

Moving is shown to be one of the most stressful situations a person can be put through and things can get even more stressful if you wait until the last minute to plan and organize your move. It is important to hire a Columbus real estate agent and movers, or at least ask for help from your family and friends ahead of time. You can also prepare for your move by renting from a Columbus self storage facility in your area. Be sure to get all of these things out of the way early so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

A good moving day tip is to check the weather forecast. It is obviously best to move during the late Spring and early Fall if possible in order to avoid the Summer heat and cold Winters. If the weather is predicted to turn sour on your moving day, be prepared with shovels, salt, umbrellas and extra clothes if need be.

Not only is moving day a huge stress on you but it can be especially stressful and crazy for kids and pets. Be sure to make necessary arrangement with baby sitters, neighbors and friends if possible. Any distraction for your little ones and pets should keep them relatively calm during the move.

Once you have your storage unit reserved and movers scheduled, it is then time to pick up the rest of your supplies. No matter how much you think moving will cost or how much time it will take, it will always be more. Be sure to save extra cash for moving supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, boxes, food and drinks. Most movers will have dollies, blankets and extra boxes if you ask them but be prepared to pay for those as well.

Be sure to label each box prior to placing it on the moving truck so you can find items quickly and easily later. Putting a label on each box will save you a lot of time once you are prepared to unload the truck and you will know exactly what is in each box and where it goes.

Lastly, make sure to contact the utility and service providers in your new home as well as your old home. The last thing you need to worry about is if your new residence has power and water when you get there. You also don’t want to be charged for your old place when you aren’t there.

These few moving tips will have you less stressed on your big day. Be sure to check to find local storage facilities in your area.

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